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Warning Value Chain Project
Flagship activities
Current activities

  • Developing a conceptual value chain framework. The framework should raise awareness about value chain approaches as an analysis tool and encourage thinking holistically about the entire warning process as well as providing knowledge and a variety of tools to apply value chain methodology.

  • Developing an interim database questionnaire to record information on high impact weather events as case studies. The database template for a particular high-impact weather event will request information about the weather and hazard forecast, impacts on society and environment, warning communication and response, and overarching information about the successfulness of the entire warning chain. An accompanying guide will provide detailed instructions for each question in the template.

  • Collecting information about the warning chain for recent events. Please contact us if you like to contribute information on any of the following events.
  • Tropical Cyclone Debbie, March 2017
  • Texas USA Cold Snap, February 2021
  • NSW Australia East Coast Flooding, March 2021
  • Canterbury New Zealand Flooding, May 2021
  • Victoria Australia Winter Storm, June 2021
  • Pacific Northwest Heat Wave, June 2021
  • Europe Floods July 2021

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