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The Steering Group (SG) of the High Impact Weather (HIWeather) Project provides endorsement for projects, programs and initiatives that plan to contribute to the goals of HIWeather as outlined in the HIWeather Implementation Plan.

Projects seeking endorsement through HIWeather may either be funded or in the process of seeking funding.

More information: http://hiweather.net/news/show/c_id/41/n_id/322.html


HIWeather ongoing Project worldwide

High-Impact Weather project leaders identified national research activities to support its goals in the Australia, China, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (US) and so on: 


Flagship activities

HIWeather Citizen Project



Review the state of wind hazard forecasting

NAWDEX *North Atlantic Waveguide and Downstream Impacts Experiment

Multi-scale, multi-leadtime predictability of high-impact weather

RELAMPAGO-CACTI *Remote sensing of Electrification, Lightning, And Meso-scale/micro-scale Processes with Adaptive Ground Observations - Cloud Aerosols and Complex Terrain Interactions

SCMREX *Southern China Monsoon Rainfall Experiment

PRECIP  *Prediction of Rainfall Extremes Campaign in the Pacific


MOUNTAOM     *RDP alongside the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing

Review the current state of nowcasting & forecasting high impact weather

Intercomparison of km-scale DA & nowcast/forecast systems

SURF    *Study of Urban Rainfall and fog/haze

ICE-POP2018     *RDP/FDP alongside the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games in South Korea

UK Environmental Prediction (UKEP) project



Formal (statistical) impact model intercomparison

Impact data collection

Review & classification of impact modelling


Unconventional data sources for impact modelling, evaluation & communication

Review of approaches to communicating high impact weather

Training Materials

Review of the role of trust, salience and beliefs on people’s responses to weather warnings

Communicating uncertainty

Post-event case studies

Communication platform

HIGHWAY  *Lake Victoria Basin Nowcasting project

GCRF African Science for Weather Information and Forecasting Techniques *GCRF African SWIFT



Evaluating the effectiveness of impact-based, extreme weather warnings and behavioural recommendations.

Warning response

Global Hazard Map

Weather Information Value Chain

Probabilistic forecasting and evaluation of Tropical Cyclones

Fire weather evaluation

Mesoscale Verification Inter-comparison over Complex Terrain (MesoVICT)

Societal and Economic Research Applications (SERA) Workshop

Value Chain review by WWRP SERA Working Group

Verification Challenge

Method(s) to measure avoided losses due to improved warnings



If your research is relevant, please let us know!





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