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GCRF African Science for Weather Information and Forecasting Techniques (GCRF African SWIFT)

Jun 24,2020

Link: Andrea Taylor (Communication TT)

A 4-year Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) project to improve African hourly to seasonal forecasting capabilities, funding 80 scientists in 5 UK and 10 African institutions, with WMO as an advisory member.

                African SWIFT made international news in May with press coverage highlighting the project’s successful implementation of nowcasting. Media highlighted how SWIFT uses EUMETSAT satellites and NWCSAF software to produce accurate, hour-by-hour forecasts as severe weather approaches. In addition to saving lives, nowcasting will also help direct rescue and clear-up operations following high-impact events and will be essential in protecting the economy. Read the full story published by the University of Leeds.  

                Across the month of June, African SWIFT hosted SWIFT Progress: Transforming Weather Forecasting Science in Africa, a month-long series of virtual meetings and knowledge-sharing webinars. The programme included a keynote event featuring lead researchers from the CINSERE, ForPAc and HIGHWAY projects. During the hour-long session, Dr. Issa Ouedraogo, Emmah Mwangi and Jim Wilson each shared key insights in forecasting and climate resilience, including lessons, achievements and pathways forward. Visit the SWIFT website for the webinar recording and guest speaker slides. https://africanswift.org/

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