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HIGHWAY (Lake Victoria Basin Nowcasting project)

Jun 24,2020

Link: Andrea Taylor

The “HIGH impact Weather lAke sYstem” project is part of the UKAid WISER programme. HIGHWAY aimed to increase access to and use of co-designed and sustainable early warning systems in the Lake Victoria area. Reports on the development and implementation of forecasting and warning systems by the project are available at https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/about-us/what/working-with-other-organisations/international/projects/wiser/highway. In 2019 HIGHWAY supported a field campaign over the Lake Victoria Basin, coordinated by NCAR, which collected surface observations, radar and forecasts from both National Meteorological Services and private networks. The results of this campaign are available at http://catalog.eol.ucar.edu/highway. Analysis of these excellent datasets should enable future improvements in weather forecasting capability in the region.

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