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NAWDEX (North Atlantic Waveguide and Downstream Impacts Experiment)

Jun 24,2020

Lead: Andreas Schäfler

ECMWF workshop on "Observational campaign for better weather forecasts":

In June 2019 ECMWF organized a workshop aimed to increase the interactions between observation campaigns and numerical weather prediction (NWP) centers. The workshop involved contributions from NWP centers, past and future campaigns and operational activities that provide "special" observations. From the HIWeather community, for example the NAWDEX and FESSTVal campaigns were represented. The workshop led to great discussions how to increase the interactions, and how NWP centers can help to motivate future campaigns.

Read more about the workshop here: https://www.ecmwf.int/en/about/media-centre/news/2019/experts-explore-how-observational-campaigns-can-improve-weather

On 10-12 March 2020 ECMWF organized a workshop focused on warm conveyor belts (WCB). Due to COVID-19, all workshop was reorganized to be an online event. This fact did not hinder the workshop from being a success with a lot of interesting talks, break-out working groups and also poster sessions. Several of the talks presented results from the NAWDEX campaign for example. The key questions for the workshop tackled predictability, observations, modeling and impacts of WCB and also the closely related atmospheric rivers.

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