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FESSTVaL (Field Experiment on submesoscale spatio-temporal variability in Linderberg)

Jun 24,2020

Lead: Linda Schlemmer

FESSTVaL has been initiated by the Hans-Ertel-Center for Weather Research and was planned to take place in the summer months of the year 2020 at the Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg - Richard-Aßmann-Observatorium (MOL-RAO) of the German Weatherservice (DWD) near Berlin. To identify the sources of sub-mesoscale variability, the measurement campaign focuses on three main aspects: atmospheric boundary layer structures, cold pools, and gusts of wind. In order to capture phenomena at the submesoscale (500 m – 5 km), a hierarchical measurement strategy will be realized. This includes wind profiling stations with several coordinated Doppler Lidars, two mobile thermodynamic profilers, more than 100 stations with near-surface measurements, more than 20 automatic weather stations, an X-Band radar, and a number of energy balance stations. This equipment is supplemented by the extensive ground-based remote sensing array at the MOL-RAO. Complementing to this, the added value of a citizen-science measurement network is investigated during the campaign with “Internet-of-things” based technology and low-cost sensors build and maintained by citizens. The FESSTVaL measurements will be complemented by high-resolution large-eddy simulations (ICON-LES).

Due to COVID-19, FESSTVaL had to be postponed to 2021. This summer, preparatory measurements will be taken "at home". "At home" means that the combined effort was split, and the different groups involved in FESSTVaL execute their measurements close to their respective home universities to circumvent travel restrictions. This preparatory effort will allow to collect as much data and experience as possible, which will then support a hopefully successful campaign in summer 2021. More information about FESST@HOME at https://fesstval.de/en/

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