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Publication List 2023

Aug 01,2023

Allen, S., Bhend, J., Martius, O. and Ziegel, J., 2023. Weighted verification tools to evaluate univariate and multivariate probabilistic forecasts for high-impact weather events. Weather and Forecasting38, 499-516.

de Moraes, O.L.L., 2023. Proposing a metric to evaluate early warning system applicable to hydrometeorological disasters in Brazil. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction87, p.103579.

Golding, B., E. Ebert, D. Hoffmann and S. Potter, 2023: Preparing for the unprecedented. Adv. Sci. Res., 20, 85–90.

Hegdahl, T.J., Engeland, K., Steinsland, I. and Singleton, A., 2023. Pre-and postprocessing flood forecasts using Bayesian model averaging. Hydrology Research54, 116-135.

Hoffmann, D., E.E. Ebert, C. Mooney, B. Golding and S. Potter, 2023: Using value chain approaches to evaluate the end-to-end warning chain. Adv. Sci. Res., 20, 73-79.  

Hossain, S., Cloke, H.L., Ficchì, A., Gupta, H., Speight, L., Hassan, A. and Stephens, E.M., 2023. A decision‐led evaluation approach for flood forecasting system developments: An application to the Global Flood Awareness System in Bangladesh. Journal of Flood Risk Management, e12959.

Ludwig, P., Ehmele, F., Franca, M.J., Mohr, S., Caldas-Alvarez, A., Daniell, J.E., Ehret, U., Feldmann, H., Hundhausen, M., Knippertz, P. and Küpfer, K., 2023. A multi-disciplinary analysis of the exceptional flood event of July 2021 in central Europe–Part 2: Historical context and relation to climate change. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 23, 1287-1311.

Maybee, B., Birch, C.E., Böing, S.J., Willis, T., Speight, L., Porson, A.N., Pilling, C., Shelton, K.L. and Trigg, M.A., 2023. FOREWARNS: Development and multifaceted verification of enhanced regional-scale surface water flood forecasts. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions2023, 1-30.

Mitheu, F., Tarnavsky, E., Ficchì, A., Stephens, E., Cornforth, R. and Petty, C., 2023. The utility of impact data in flood forecast verification for anticipatory actions: Case studies from Uganda and Kenya. Journal of Flood Risk Management, e12911.

Mitheu, F., Stephens, E., Petty, C., Ficchì, A., Tarnavsky, E. and Cornforth, R., 2023. Impact-based Flood early warning for rural livelihoods in Uganda. Weather, Climate, and Society, 15, 525-539.

Shrader, J.G., Bakkensen, L. and Lemoine, D., 2023. Fatal Errors: The Mortality Value of Accurate Weather Forecasts (No. w31361). National Bureau of Economic Research.

Speight, L., Stephens, E., Hawker, L., Baugh, C., Neal, J., Cloke, H., Grey, S., Titley, H., Marsden, K., Sumner, T. and Ficchi, A., 2023. Recommendations to improve the interpretation of global flood forecasts to support international humanitarian operations for tropical cyclones. Journal of Flood Risk Management, p.e12952.

Tupper, A.C. and Fearnley, C.J., 2023. Disaster early-warning systems are ‘doomed to fail’—only collective action can plug the gaps. Nature623, 478-482.

Zander, K.K., Nguyen, D., Mirbabaie, M. and Garnett, S.T., 2023. Aware but not prepared: understanding situational awareness during the century flood in Germany in 2021. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction96, p.103936.

Clive, M.A.T., Doyle, E. E. H., Potter, S. H., Noble, C., Johnston, D. M., How Visual Design of Severe Weather Outlooks Can Affect Communication and Decision-Making. Weather, Climate, and Society, 2023. 15(4): p. 979-997. How Visual Design of Severe Weather Outlooks Can Affect Communication and Decision-Making in: Weather, Climate, and Society Volume 15 Issue 4 (2023) (ametsoc.org)



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