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Publication List 2022

Aug 01,2023

Casati, B., Dorninger, M., Coelho, C.A., Ebert, E.E., Marsigli, C., Mittermaier, M.P. and Gilleland, E., 2022. The 2020 International Verification Methods Workshop Online: Major Outcomes and Way Forward. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 103, pp.E899-E910.

DeCastro, A., Siems-Anderson, A., Smith, E., Knievel, J.C., Kosović, B., Brown, B.G. and Balch, J.K., 2022. Weather Research and Forecasting—Fire Simulated Burned Area and Propagation Direction Sensitivity to Initiation Point Location and Time. Fire, 5, p.58.

Haraguchi, M., Nishino, A., Kodaka, A., Allaire, M., Lall, U., Kuei-Hsien, L., Onda, K., Tsubouchi, K. and Kohtake, N., 2022. Human mobility data and analysis for urban resilience: A systematic review. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, 49, pp.1507-1535.

Kosovic, B., Juliano, T.W., DeCastro, A., Frediani, M., Siems-Anderson, A., Jimenez, P., Muñoz-Esparza, D., Knievel, J.C. and Eghdami, M., 2022. Wildfires and weather. Extreme Weather Forecasting, p.31.

Mittermaier, M., Wilkinson, J., Csima, G., Goodman, S. and Virts, K., 2022. Convective‐scale numerical weather prediction and warnings over Lake Victoria: Part I—Evaluating a lightning diagnostic. Meteorological Applications, 29, p.e2038.

Mittermaier, M., Landman, S., Csima, G. and Goodman, S., 2022. Convective‐scale numerical weather prediction and warnings over Lake Victoria: Part II—Can model output support severe weather warning decision‐making?. Meteorological Applications, 29, p.e2055.

North, R.C., Mittermaier, M.P. and Milton, S.F., 2022. Using SEEPS with a TRMM-derived climatology to assess global NWP precipitation forecast skill. Monthly Weather Review, 150(1), pp.135-155.

Salmi, M., Marsigli, C. and Dorninger, M., 2022. Predictability analysis and skillful scale verification of the Lightning Potential Index (LPI) in the COSMO-D2 high resolution ensemble system. Advances in Science and Research, 19, pp.29-38.

Sathurshan, M., Saja, A., Thamboo, J., Haraguchi, M. and Navaratnam, S., 2022. Resilience of Critical Infrastructure Systems: A Systematic Literature Review of Measurement Frameworks. Infrastructures, 7(5), p.67.

Tan, M., Hoffmann, D., Ebert, E., Johnston, D. and Cui, A., 2022. Exploring the potential role of citizen science in the warning value chain for high impact weather. Frontiers in Communication, 7, pp. 1-15.

Yessimbet, K., Ossó, A., Kaltenberger, R., Magnusson, L. and Steiner, A.K., 2022. Heavy Alpine snowfall in January 2019 connected to atmospheric blocking. Weather, 77(1), pp.7-15.

Tan, M.L., Hoffmann, D, Ebert, E., Cui, A., Johnston, D. (2022). Exploring the potential role of citizen science in the warning value chain for high impact weather. Frontiers in Communicationhttps://doi.org/10.3389/fcomm.2022.949949

de Araújo, G. R. G.Frassoni, A.Sapucci, L. F.Bitencourt, D., & de Brito Neto, F. A. (2022). Climatology of heatwaves in South America identified through ERA5 reanalysis dataInternational Journal of Climatology4216), 9430– 9448https://doi.org/10.1002/joc.7831

Roberts, N., Ayliffe, B., Evans, G., Moseley, S., Rust, F., Sandford, C., Trzeciak, T., Abernethy, P., Beard, L., Crosswaite, N. and Fitzpatrick, B., 2023. IMPROVER: The New Probabilistic Postprocessing System at the Met Office. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society104(3), pp.E680-E697.


Brunet, G., Parsons, D.B., Ivanov, D. and co-authors, 2022. Advancing Weather and Climate Forecasting for our Changing World. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.  https://doi.org/10.1175/BAMS-D-21-0262.1

Dube, A., Karunasagar, S., Ashrit, R. and Mitra, A.K., 2022. Spatial verification of ensemble rainfall forecasts over India. Atmospheric Research273, p.106169.

Roberts, R.D., Goodman, S.J., Wilson, J.W., Watkiss, P., Powell, R., Petersen, R.A., Bain, C., Faragher, J., Chang’a, L.B., Kapkwomu, J.K. and Oloo, P.N., 2022. Taking the HIGHWAY to save lives on Lake Victoria. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society103(2), pp.E485-E510.

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