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Publication List 2021

Feb 07,2021

Abatzoglou, J.T., Hatchett, B.J., Fox‐Hughes, P., Gershunov, A. and Nauslar, N.J., 2021. Global climatology of synoptically‐forced downslope winds. International Journal of Climatology, 41(1), pp.31-50.

Brook, J.P., Protat, A., Soderholm, J., Carlin, J.T., McGowan, H. and Warren, R.A., 2021. HailTrack-Improving Radar-Based Hailfall Estimates by Modeling Hail Trajectories. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology.

Fowler, H. J., H. Ali, R. P. Allan, N. Ban, R. Barbero, P. Berg.5, S. Blenkinsop, N. S. Cabi, S. Chan1,, M. Dale, R. J. H. Dunn, M. Ekström, J. P. Evans, G. Fosser, B. Golding, S. B. Guerreiro, G. C. Hegerl, A. Kahraman, E. J. Kendon, G. Lenderink, E. Lewis, X. Li, P. A. O’Gorman, H. G. Orr, K. L. Peat, A. F. Prein, D. Pritchard, C. Schär, A. Sharma, P. A. Stott, R. Villalobos-Herrera, G. Villarini, C. Wasko, M. F. Wehner, S. Westra and A. Whitford, 2021, Advancing scientific knowledge of climate change impacts on short-duration rainfall extremes. Accepted by Phil Trans Roy Soc.

Grazzini, F., G. Fragkoulidis, F. Teubler, V. Wirth and G. C. Craig,2021: Extreme precipitation events over northern-central Italy. Part(II): Dynamical precursors, Quart. J. Roy. Meteor. Soc.  https://rmets.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/qj.3969.

Hartigan, J., Warren, R.A., Soderholm, J.S. and Richter, H., 2021. Simulated Changes in Storm Morphology Associated with a Sea-Breeze Air Mass. Monthly Weather Review, 149(2), pp.333-351.

Keil, C., Baur, F., Bachmann, K., Rasp, S., Schneider, L., and Barthlott, C., 2021: Relative contribution of soil moisture, boundary layer and microphysical perturbations on convective predictability in different weather regimes, Q. J. Royal Meteorol. Soc., Accepted Author Manuscript, doi:10.1002/qj.3607.

MacLeod D., Kilavi M., Mwangi E., Ambani M., Osunga M., Robbins J., Graham R., Rowhani P. and Todd M (2021) Are Kenya Meteorological Department heavy rainfall advisories useful for forecast-based early action and early preparedness for flooding? Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 21, 261-277 DOI: 10.5194/nhess-21-261-2021.

Majumdar, S. J., J. Sun, B. Golding, P. Joe, J. Dudhia, O. Caumont, K. Chandra Gouda, P. Steinle, B. Vincendon, J. Wang, and N. Yussouf, 2021: Multiscale Forecasting of High-Impact Weather: Current Status and Future Challenges.  Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., In Press.  DOI: https://doi.org/10.1175/BAMS-D-20-0111.1

Peace, M., Charney, J. and Bally, J., 2020. Lessons Learned from Coupled Fire-Atmosphere Research and Implications for Operational Fire Prediction and Meteorological Products Provided by the Bureau of Meteorology to Australian Fire Agencies. Atmosphere, 11(12), p.1380.

Spruce M.D., Arthur R., Robbins J and Williams H.T.P, 2021, Social sensing of high impact rainfall events worldwide: a benchmark comparison against manually curated impact observations. In review with Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. https://nhess.copernicus.org/preprints/nhess-2020-413/.

Weyrich P., Ruin I., Terti G., Scolobig A., 2021, Using serious games to evaluate the potential of social media information in warning decision-making, accepted 14th January 2021 in International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction.

Li, R., Zhang, Q., Sun, J., Chen, Y., Ding, L., and Wang, T., Smartphone pressure data: quality control and impact on atmospheric analysis. Atmos. Meas. Tech., 14, 785–801, 2021. https://doi.org/10.5194/amt-14-785-2021.


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