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HIWeather Workshop 2020 - “Warnings value chain”(recording)

Jan 17,2021

Jeffrey K. Lazo - The weather information value chain: Developments from an AMS project 

John Nairn - Towards heat impact forecasts through linked-data and cross-agency collaboration

Harald Richter - 'Impact-based forecasting for the wind hazard: The use of emergency management data in the validation of spatial wind impact forecasts

Paul Fox-Hughes - The Australian Fire Danger Rating System

Julia Keller - SINFONY - the combination of Nowcasting and Numerical Weather Prediction at the convective scale at DWD for improving the prediction of flash floods

Agie Wandala - An impact-based forecast approach that effectively cuts the gap of cooperation between institutions

Juan Pablo Sarmiento - Value chain approaches within a disaster risk reduction perspective

Olivier Caumont - The PICS project: towards an integrated warning system for the nowcasting of flash-flood impacts

Rebecca Emerton - Emergency flood bulletins for Cyclones Idai and Kenneth: a critical evaluation of the use of global flood forecasts for international humanitarian preparedness and response

Anders Sivle - Merging the meteorological and hydrological value chains for heavy rain showers and flash flood warnings in Norway

Linda Speight - What can be learnt from post event reviews of forecast based action?

Sharanya Majumdar - Multiscale forecasting of high-impact weather: Case study illustrations

Kristine Boykin - Extracting Likely Scenarios from High Resolution Forecasts in Real-time

Masahiko Haraguchi - How do psychology and group dynamics influence students' behaviors to reduce heatstroke risks during heatwaves?

Mindy Burgman - BC ARkSuperStorm Project: Dynamics, classification and impacts of extratropical storms in western Canada

Athanasis Sfetsos - Community Based Exercises (CBEx) as an effective citizen engagement tool for HiWeather events

Jonathan Vigh - The Hurricane Risk Calculator: Providing location-based wind risk outputs for residential structure damage and habitability  

Nusrat Yussouf - Storm-scale ensemble post-processing to generate probabilistic model guidance for issuing warning

Harald Brooks - How can we tell where we’re going? Contemplating the future of tornado forecasting and response

Adriaan Perrels - Identifying and measuring value in the value chain

Beth Ebert - Impact forecasting for thunderstorm asthma

James Bennett - Checking the reliability and accuracy of ensemble forecasts of flood peaks

Carla Mooney - Future warnings

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