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HIWeather Workshop 2020 - “Successful citizen science”(recording)

Jan 16,2021

Harald Kempf - Experiences from crowdsourcing campaign via DWD weather app

Christian Pagé - MétéoAlerte, a significant weather warning system using citizen observations since 2001

Michelle Spruce - Social sensing of high impact weather and its potential for use in impact verification

Frederico Robledo - Interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral knowledge construction of floods events between the scientific sector and the local community, at the Matanza River in eastern Argentina

Maureen A. Ahlataku - Impact of Users' Feedback on Weather Forecast Evaluation in Ghana, West Africa

David Schultz - A Citizen Science Project to Understand How Weather Affects Pain

Victoria Slonosky, Renee Sieber - Connecting the past and present to understand hazardous weather events via citizen science

Joshua Soderholm - WeatheX - Australia's Community Severe Weather Reporting App

Renee Sieber - Crowdsourcing Winter Storm Sentiment via Natural Language Processing

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