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Impact-based Forecasts & Warnings Workshop Series

Sep 29,2022

The World Meteorological Organization World Weather Research Programme High Impact Weather project is running a virtual workshop series on impact-based forecasts and warnings in October 2022. You are invited to attend, listen in, and if you wish, contribute through the interactive whiteboard or as a speaker.

You can register your interest in attending and presenting and state your time zone preference. We welcome registrations from community members who would especially benefit from inclusive early warning systems, as well as scientists, forecasters, the emergency management/civil protection sector, and anyone else interested. We will email out further information to everyone registered, including the link for the 2-hour workshops. The workshops will be held in English language and will be recorded.

The first section was held succefully on 25 Oct with active participants from different regions of the world. The upcoming 2nd and 3rd sections are still open for registration through the link below. 

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