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AOGS Mesoscale Session (AS01) Call for Abstract

Jan 14,2020

AS01: Mesoscale Meteorology and High Impact Weather

Session Description:

      Mesoscale processes include Meso-alpha systems (fronts, squall lines, MCS, tropical cyclones), Meso-beta systems (land sea breezes, low-level jet) and Meso-gamma systems (thunderstorm convection, terrain flows, tornadoes). Recently, an increasing number of high-impact weather events related to hazard, like local heavy rainfall, landslides, flash flooding and high wind, are found to be associated with mesoscale systems. So, improving our understanding of mesoscale weather systems is the first step to prevent huge economic and human losses from these disasters. This session invites and welcomes contributions from all aspects of mesoscale processes and high-impact weather, which include but are not limited to observational, theoretical, modeling, and climate and weather-related studies of

(1) Extratropical and tropical cyclones;

(2) Mei-yu (Baiu and Changma) front;

(3) Mesoscale convection;

(4) Gravity waves;

(5) Diurnal cycle of precipitation;

(6) Numerical simulation, data assimilation and predictability;

(7) Orographic Flows and rainfall;

(8) Severe weather and its variation under climate change.

      This session will provide a platform to assess our progress and limitation of understanding of mesoscale processes and high impact weather, and further help us make a breakthrough in this field.


Main Convener:  Prof. Yu Du (Sun Yat-sen University)

Co-conveners: Prof. Qinghong Zhang (Peking University)

Prof. Todd Lane (The University of Melbourne)

Prof. Ming-Jen Yang (National Taiwan University)

Dr. Cheolhwan You (Pukyong National University)

17届亚洲大洋洲地球科学学会年会 (AOGS 2020) 将于2020628日至74在韩国洪川郡维瓦尔第滑雪度假村举行。我们召集了一个分会场AS01,主题是中尺度气象和高影响天气 (Mesoscale Meteorology and High Impact Weather)。该分会场将为国内外专家学者和学生提供一个交流平台,探讨中尺度气象和高影响天气的相关议题,欢迎各位积极投稿和参与!


提交摘要网站: http://www.asiaoceania.org/aogs2020/public.asp?page=abstract.asp











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