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Link your project to HIWeather for increased visibility

Dec 30,2019

Request for HIWeather Endorsement

The Steering Group (SG) of the High Impact Weather (HIWeather) Project provides endorsement for projects, programs and initiatives that plan to contribute to the goals of HIWeather as outlined in the HIWeather Implementation Plan. HIW_IP_v1_4.pdf

Projects seeking endorsement through HIWeather may either be funded or in the process of seeking funding.

Benefits of Endorsement

Endorsement will:

  • Increase the visibility of research activities (e.g., listing on website),

  • Provide an international framework for your research which can help to leverage support and funding,

  • Contribute to improving the coordination between different HIWeather-related activities,

  • Enhance networking and communication.

A project may be endorsed by HIWeather if:

  • It contributes to HIWeather goals as outlined in the HIWeather Implementation Plan.

  • You provide a summary of the planned activities of the project, which will be made public through the HIWeather website (http://hiweather.net) and newsletters.

  • You identify a contact point who will report progress in the project for inclusion in HIWeather reports and newsletters and on the HIWeather website.

  • Your project website and published papers acknowledge the link with HIWeather.

When a project is endorsed by HIWeather:

  • It can receive a letter of support, if required.

  • Its aims will be visible to a wide, international community through listing on the HIWeather website and sharing with the HIWeather community.

  • Its progress will be posted on the HIWeather website and included in the quarterly HIWeather newsletter, currently sent to over 200 recipients, worldwide, and advertised widely through social media.

  • It will be referenced in the HIWeather annual report.

  • It will be positioned in the HIWeather international framework of activities contributing to improved early warnings of weather-related hazards, possibly helping it gain support and funding.

  • The contact point will have access to the HIWeather community, through invitations to HIWeather workshops and personal contact with an assigned member of the HIWeather Steering Group, providing enhanced networking and communication with related activities and the possibility of building new collaborations.

To submit a project for endorsement by HIWeather:

  • Complete this form and email it to the HIWeather International Coordination Office (ICO) at hiwico@cma.gov.cn.

  • After submission, it will be forwarded to members of the HIWeather steering group for review.

  • The ICO will notify the project leader of the decision within one month of receiving the request.

If you have any questions about the HIWeather endorsement process please contact the HIWeather co-chair Dr. Brian Golding (brian.golding@metoffice.gov.uk) or the International Coordination Office (hiwico@cma.gov.cn)

HIWeather endorsement template Download --->>> HIWeather endorsement template.pdf

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